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[CUDA] Passing structure/class instance to kernel doesn't work if copy constructor is present

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I recently observed weird behaviour in CUDA. It turns out that when a structure (or class) has a copy constructor in it, passing an instance of that structure (class) will fail. Take a look at the following code:

struct Test
float value1;
float value2;

Test() {}

__global__ void testuj(Test value, Test* data)
data[0].value1 = value.value2;

void KKK::doit2(void)
Test* data_host;
Test* data_dev;

data_host = (Test*)malloc(sizeof(Test));
cudaMalloc((void**)&data_dev, sizeof(Test));

Test t;
t.value1 = 5.0f;
t.value2 = 10.0f;

dim3 blocksNum(1, 1);
int threadsPerBlock = 1;
testuj<<<blocksNum, threadsPerBlock>>>(t, data_dev);

cudaMemcpy(data_host, data_dev, sizeof(Test), cudaMemcpyDeviceToHost);

printf("%f\n", data_host[0].value1);

it works perfectly fine. Print will output 10.0. However, if you add a copy constructor to Test class:

__device__ Test(const Test& t)
value1 = t.value1;
value2 = t.value2;

the program will print 0.0. Why is this happening? An interesting thing is that when I remove the __device__ qualifier it works fine.

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