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Pierce the Sky vASCII.1.0

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Well, after two and a half weeks of doing nothing but coding and going to school, here it is.
Pierce the Sky vASCII.1.0 is out. The game's completely in ASCII (win32 console) and is written entirely in C++ and all it cost me was eighteen days away from Skyrim, one sleepless night, one iteration of the source code almost completely thrown out the window, about a thousand lines of code and general sleep deprivation.

"Pierce the Sky" is officially the first game I ever done, but by far not the last. Next thing on my list is study a graphical API/engine and make it into full 2D and real-time, add more features, such as more character abilities (only have one now - one time per battle full heal), more enemies (four as of now: jumpers, tankers, zigzags, teleporters), make my brother do the sound (he's a sound engineer and a musician), develop the story, add some brief cut-scenes and voice work.

So, [font="Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif"][color="#3E3E3E"]here it is:[/font] [attachment=6452:Pierce_the_Sky_vASCII.1.0_by_Alex_Dolinsky a.k.a. CrawlingPastaHellion.zip]

Grab it while it's still hot. Complete with two music tracks by the legendary Kagan "Babyface" Demir (C64 musician) and the source code in Code::Blocks, but I doubt I'll be updating it - next step is full 2D, why waste my time here any longer? Now, I'm off to get me a break.

NOTE: feedback is highly appreciated.

P.S.: I was flagged on the Escapist for this for some unearthly reason (my thread was locked/deleted), but it's time I joined a game dev resource anyways (I am a game dev now after all, however green I may be). I'm not going to waste my time there anymore. So, hi everybody, I guess.

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Was about time I make an account so my first comment ever goes to you ;p. Can you please add a compiled (exe) version of this because I get erros when trying to compile ( not using code blocks ). Thanks ;p

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