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3D Maze Creation

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Hya doin people?
So, I have been trying to make a 3D maze program with AI spheres moving all around it randomly. I have all the player and the AI collision code and most of the code, but i need a way to create the walls in the maze without having to write the positions of EACH AND EVERY vertex in all the walls(something that i did previously and surprisingly worked :)

My question is, how can i get the positions of each wall in a decent manner?? Is there like an isometric program where i can actually draw the maze and then get their position on the xz-axis??

I was thinking of making something like this, and turn it into 3D coordinates, is there a more direct approach??

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First off just to clear up I presume you are talking about a 2D maze with 3D objects (i.e. no y axis, just x and z) or do you mean a 3D maze as in it has height as well, objects can go up etc.?

If its just the x and z axis you are dealing with then a simple text file with different symbols corresponding to walls, empty space, spawn points, etc. should suffice. If you want it easier to use then you could create a simple level editor tool that allows you to position the objects and writes the text file for you. I can't really think of an easier solution.

If you want all 3 axis and have a fully 3D maze then you could look into designing it in a 3D modelling program like Maya and exporting / importing the information from there.


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