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sebb dk

Epic title! ehm' making a game

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First post! :')

I am making a full-blown Diablo'esque 3D game, in hang on here... FLASH :D
Already set up a basic game engine based on the Away3D library version 4

Just because it's Flash i have chosen to call the engine Bastard, to ease it a bit for my flash hating web colleagues(My day-job is as PHP Facebook Application developer)...

Levels are made in Blender, using custom attributes to handle things like if a object is solid/collidable and other properties.

Some of the things i have implemented so far is:
A* pathfinding,
basic character system for PC and NPC's
Basic skill system
implemented Away3D physics, thinking about removing it tho, jumping is not of major importans
Blender scene import script, exports to AWD format and then i load all the objects and parse them for properties, set standard materials if needed etc

Doesn't seem like much now because of the low amount of objects on stage, but just finished fixing some problems is had with textures this eve'.
So 3D development is going to pick up now that i have a basic engine to actually put them into :)

And finally a link to my staging environment, give it look.
Even if there isnt much to do yet :)


Gonne be updating the content on that link running when i finish a feature.

Now i just gotta figure out how to go about art/sound, but il take it as i go along :)
Oh any ANY ideas on how to ease the development burden would be awesome, i have not done 3D game development before


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