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Screen space to local - "denormalizing"

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Hi there.

I have a simple game where I want to be able to drag tiles around on a board. The game is entirely 2D.

I have it set up so that it takes in a touch (or mouse click), sees if the click is with the boundary of a tile and then moves it accordingly.

However, the engine I use doesn't provide localised touch coordinates, only in screen coords. This means that if I click in the centre of the screen, instead of getting 0,0, I will get half the window size in length/height in pixels. Now, I expect this for screen coordinates, but what I don't know is how to convert this to local coordinates.

I have made a start by normalising the coords and shifting them so they are relative to the centre of the screen:

float width = zGetScreenWidth();
float height = zGetScreenHeight();
float halfwidth = width/2;
float halfheight = height/2;
float aspect = 1.3333f;

float x = touch_coords.x;
float y = touch_coords.y;

float dx = (x/halfwidth-1.0f)/aspect;
float dy = 1.0f-y/halfheight;

return newpos;

This works, when I click dead-centre in the middle of the screen I do indeed get 0,0 but because it is normalized, all my coords are clamped between 1 > -1. I'm not sure how to "up-scale" the coordinates so they match the local coordinates of my game board. Can anyone assist?

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Do you know the actual boundaries of your screen in local coordinates? Or finding them is the problem?
I'm not sure I understand...

If l,r,t,b are your left,right,top and bottom boundaries of your screen in local coordinates then you can transform the mouse position from screen coordinates to local coordinates in the following fashion :

newCoord.x = (x/screenWidth)*(r-l)+l
newCoord.y = (y/screenHeight)*(b-t)+t

Be careful about the integer division.

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