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Inheritance and Memory Management

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I'm working in C++ . I have an abstract class and some derived classes.

If I delete an instance of any base class, all the memory handling is correct. However, if, when using polymorphism, I delete an instance of a base class, as the abstract class, then only the abstract class' destructor is called.

As an example, suppose I have an abstract class "Texture", and base classes "Texture1D", "Texture2D", and "Texture3D" (similar to actuality). By way of pseudocode:[source lang="cpp"]class Texture { /*blah*/ }
class Texture1D : public Texture { /*blah*/ }
class Texture2D : public Texture { /*blah*/ }
class Texture3D : public Texture { /*blah*/ }

void some_function(void) {
//All good.
Texture2D* a = new Texture2D();
delete a;

//Problem. Texture2D::~Texture2D() is NEVER called, so memory leak.
Texture* b = new Texture2D();
delete b;
My initial attempt was to make a pure virtual method in the abstract class, and have the abstract class' destructor invoke it. The method would perform cleanup. However, this causes a compile error because base classes' destructors are called before their superclass'.

So . . . I understand the problem. Don't know how to fix it in a clean way.


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Put a virtual destructor in the base class. Then "delete baseptr;" will ensure the correct destructor(s) are called.

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