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Welcome to the Production and Management forum (read before posting)

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Gaiiden    5710
Thanks for stopping by! This is the first new forum we've added to one of the main website categories for a while and we hope it soon gathers the community the other forums have picked up over the years. There's been discussion often when I talk to industry members about how there's no forum dedicated to game production and team management, arguing that these topics don't really belong in the Business and Law forum. We agree, and so now here is a dedicated forum to discuss all things related to the aforementioned topics of game production and team management.

I will be moderating this forum until we get a volunteer with more (game) production and management experience than myself - if anyone reading this would like to step forward send your candicacy statement to me via email or PM stating why you would be a good fit to moderate this forum. In the meantime I'll also be contacting some members I know would be a good fit for this role.

Also, this forum can have its own unique set of tags to choose from when creating a post. If you have any to suggest, do so in a response below.


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Tom Sloper    16040
I volunteered, so my first order of business will be to create some FAQs - essentially, links to articles of common interest to readers of this forum.
I imagine we'll want these questions covered:

What is a producer?
How do I become a producer?
Got the job, now what?
What's the best project management software?
What's the best production method for my project?
How do I find developers?
How do I manage internal personnel?
How do I estimate time?
How do I estimate cost?
How to negotiate the best deal?
Oh crap, the project is in trouble!
How do I move up the ranks?

If anyone has links for those, please send them my way. And same for other frequent production-related questions.

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zer0wolf    1022
A pretty fun video that outlines some of what a Producer is/does is here - [url=""][/url]

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Tom Sloper    16040 Posting Guidelines (please read before posting) (new as of June 21, 2017)

Welcome to the Production and Management forum. This is the place to discuss issues related to game project management.

If you have questions about how to become a game producer or what education to get for producing, ask in the Games Career Development forum (not here).

If you have questions about monetizing a game or funding or marketing, those questions belong in the Games Business and Law forum (not here).

If you want to seek developers or offer your services, use the Careers tab.

If you want to announce projects, use Your Announcements. 

Edited by Tom Sloper
updated after site redesign

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