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OpenGL Problem with lights in GLSL

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Hey there, i'm making some terrain editing tools and I want to add some multi-texturing tools, but I have a problem combining textures with lights.

For this I'm using GLSL, and if I simply apply textures to my terrain I won't get any lights, because I'm not calculating them in my shader code. Right now I'm just using one texture and if I use the openGL lights I get something like this:


I like the effect and makes perfect sense in the program because I want a fixed light at those coordinates, so the farthest the terrain is the less light it "receives", but I'm not being able to do this using GLSL. For examples and tutorials I based myself on the code from this site:


But all the lights i use give me weird results, instead of having a gradient in my map due to the distance of my terrain I get total variations in the terrain color, just by rotating or moving my camera.

Just like in this example using the code from http://www.lighthouse3d.com/tutorials/glsl-tutorial/directional-lights-i/

I get some weird effects just by moving the camera to the right.


Am I missing something in my shaders code? If the lights work well using openGL lights I think the problem can only be from my shaders code and not from the openGL app...

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Am I missing something in my shaders code?

Judging by your description alone, then yes it looks like the problem is in your shader. That said, I can't say anything beyond that without seeing your implementation. I know you said you based your code off of that tutorial but seeing your code would help.

Another thing is you linked to a tutorial on directional lights though it looks like you're actually after a positional light effect or a spot light effect.

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