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TPS Coop Game, funny skills/gadgets you liked and want to see again

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I'm working on an coop game (4 players), a third person shooter with a world comparable to Deus Ex, SC and Ghost in the Shell.
Each player is a Ghost, a true agent of the loved government and are assigned to different missions(atomic-, biologic-, chemical-, digital-warfare and terrorism). In other words they assure peace and order, best without been seen or heard. Therefore your best weapon is stealth and you have to work together as a team. Thats the main point of the game.
Therefore I ask, what skills/ euipments would strengthen teamwork and reward players for good cooperation.
First goal is no traces. Engaging should be avoided, if necessary the enemy should be disabled or distracted, killing is the last option.

There are eight Ghost, each different resulting on their experience and workfield. Some are more violent, others prefere non-lethal methods, but all have in common that they do their job quiet ( and without superhuman powers). So there is no concept for a tank, thief or mage, except their equipment give them a slight advantage. "Fury" has a reinforced armor, since she handels biologic weapons and some of them have sharp theet, "Guilt" (digital warfare) can move freely cloaked without loosing any energy, while "Banshee" (chemical warfare) prefers non-lethal weapons, but all of them can cloak themself and act as Ghosts. All ghost works in a two man pair, but the players will not be limited, it's more story and design material.

Team Alpha (Atomic Weapons)
Prefere meele-weapons and are well trained in martial arts. These twins count as the most insane and dangerous team among the ghosts.
They do not value any life, any threat will be terminated, every loose end burned, those two only love each other. Their teamwork is extremly good and their skills are unmatched, except by Guilt.

Team Beta (Biologic Weapons)
Team Beta handels biologic weapons, and some of them have a tendency to bite back, especially if an experiment has gone wrong again.
Fury wears an reinforced armor and is euiped with a flamethrower. Among the Ghost she posses the most explosiv equipment and strongest firepower, but lacks stealth. Her character is good nature and she is very protective of her teammates.
Pain is a child in his mind, not really knowing what he is doing, and sometimes he gets angry, very angry. He is the most lethal and very cunning in stealth. He moves on "four legs", can climb on walls and crawl in airshafts. Like a spider he takes down his prey.
Pain think of Fury as mother and cares for the other members deeply. He is just a small boy, who was pushed on the frontlines.

Team Gamma (Chemical Weapons)
Screamer was a police officer, before he became a Ghost after an accident. They repaired him, now he works for them. Each member wonders why, because he is smarter than he makes everyone believe. He is the leader and keeps everyone in line. Even Sodom and Gomorrha obey him. His greates weakness is his choleric person, on the other hand he knows exactly how someone ticks.
Nobody can hide something from Screamer, he smell something fishy and he finds it. They say he was good, now he is even better.
Banshee is Screamers right hand and calms her boss down, before he gets the idea to shoot a few teammates and replace them with new recruits. Like her Boss she avoids taking life, but her reason is different. She saw what humans can do to each other, that changed her.

Team Dealt (Digital Weapons)
Guilt can be described in one word. Perfect. No other member can hold a candle to her. Her skills are amazing, all of them. She doesn't doubt her orders, she just execute them. And she never leave any trace. It's said she killed her own mentor, since he betrayed the unit, but who can be sure? Sorrow is her new apprentice, the new guy, and he endures a lot of pain under his master. Working with the best, requires to be the best and compared to Guilt's training hell is a nice place to be. Therefore his cloaking ability is unmached by other members, except guilt. Since he is the new guy, other members give him advices and special training. Fury wants him to wear a light protection, Banshee thaught him to use non-lethal weapons, Screamer and Pain thought him close combat, Sodom and Gomorrha thaught him other things. Point is, he is the allrounder of the group and the first one to question their doing and represent the units conscience.
He posess psyonic powers, but isn't aware of them. This makes him vulnerable to emotions like hatred, grief and sadness.

I describe the members so you can imagine them. They are all well worked out, to give them personality and to know, how their 3d model should look(or better is looking). The background story itself will not play any role in this game. The Coop missions are random missions they do for their government, between each mission you see a short sequence, what their daily life is. In other words I plan only 10 missions and work on the mechanics and gameplay, not the story (which would require a lot of more work, since the story is complex and consist of three different story lines, which seems at first to be independent and then crossover. In other words a lot of work).

So hopefully you can imagine a few skill or gadgets for my agents. Some examples are EMP granades, EMP bullets, hacking the enemies vision, something like that. Maybe some weapons like "Bulletstorm", but it should not destroy the teamplay. It should make people work together to solve "problems".

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Something I really liked in Borderlands--and maybe this is a bit too non-realistic for your game--was the concept of "healing bullets"--i.e., bullets that heal your partners when you shoot them. I'm one of those people who takes a great deal of joy in shooting my teammates for fun, so that gave me an actual reason to do it, and I totally loved it.

If not healing bullets per se, some sort of weapon-like item that plays to the same idea. Healing lasers, a dart gun that shoots darts filled with stimulants--that kind of thing.

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