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XNA, Quake & Open Source/EPL

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Hey gamedev.net!

Im looking for a little bit of insight regarding Open Source and my current Project.

So in short story ive been working on a title in XNA, with the release planned for the Xbox 360 (XBLIG). The title is a sort of mix between Counter-Strike shooting mechanics implemented into Respawn-Objective based matches (ala Halo?).
Im almost complete with the Programming now (90% ish?) and im looking to hire a couple of Freelance artists in the new year to get all the Artsy bits done.

But before I do that I somewhat need to know if theres any major things I need to be aware of regarding Open Source and my Project. You see, the code I use to render Levels at the moment is based of Quake 3 and licensed under the EPL, the original project can be found here.
All ive basically done to it is upgrade it to XNA 4.0 and done a bit of housekeeping.
The rest of the Games code is written by me (Animation, Menus, Physics, Collision, etc), however a lot of it is strongly based on examples found on the XNA Website (which is licensed under the Ms-PL).

So question time:

1) I know I sadly cant mix the two licenses together or release everything under the EPL, but Is it ok for me to release this Project, with each different code block being released under their respective Licenses?
I think the part of the licenses that highlights this is under contributions/additions which in each case:

EPL states:
"Contributions do not include additions to the Program which: (i) are separate modules of software distributed in conjunction with the Program under their own license agreement, and (ii) are not derivative works of the Program."

"A “contribution” is the original software, or any additions or changes to the software."

And since all the code is kept in different Modules/DLL and works independantly from eachother, im guessing it should be just fine to release each bit under their licenses?

2) Now because the title is planned for release on the Xbox, its not really suitable to package source files etc with the actual game. Instead I was going to notify the user on the Start Screen that the Project is Open Source and they can find the code at "insert codeplex link" , im guessing this should be just fine?

3) Is there any other things i should be aware of regarding this entire subject?

Thats all I had to ask really, thanks to anyone who can help offer a bit of insight ^.^
If worst comes to worst and I cant even release the prject, I can always replace the the Quake Rendering code with Sunburn Rendering or a Leadwerks 3DS implementation, but I would really like to release a complete source pack that anyone can use/mod without having to spend a nickel :D

Anyway, thanks again for anyone who can help out on this!

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Ok, i think after further reading it looks like everything checks out.
One further question however, does anyone know how its possible that the Quake Rendering code im using is licensed under the EPL, instead of the GPL?

ps: Happy New year!

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