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QueueUserAPC, how is it (properly) utilized?

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Lately, I've been curious as to how QueueUserAPC works and how could it be used in a game? I read the MSDN documentation and I didn't quite grasp what it was saying about the function and other articles I found were a bit too confusing IMO. So, I did what I normally do when trying to learn something that doesn't make much sense to me: play around with it until I can see what makes it useful. Yeah, sometimes I have to learn the "Naruto" way before somethings finally click. Also, I'm a bit tired and learning a new API during a late night while barely awake isn't exactly easy for me.

This probably isn't very useful to games, I assume. So far, the only game I've seen that actually uses it was Metal Slug 3 (Xbox), but that's a long story.

I wrote a basic program to test it. It works fine, but I still don't quite see any way to utilize it.

#define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0500

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>

DWORD __stdcall thread_function( void* Param )
int i = 0;

while( i++ < 10 )
printf( "Thread...\n" );

return 0;

void __stdcall apc_function( DWORD dwParam )
int i = 0;

while( i++ < 60 )
printf( "APC...\n" );

int main( int argc, char** argv )
HANDLE hThread = NULL;

hThread = CreateThread( NULL, 0, thread_function, NULL, 0, NULL );

if( !hThread )
printf( "Could not create thread!\n" );

if( !QueueUserAPC( apc_function, hThread, 0 ) )
printf( "Could not create APC!\n" );

WaitForSingleObject( hThread, INFINITE );
CloseHandle( hThread );

return 0;

So what it does is it calls the APC function first, then calls the thread function. Maybe I'm not using it right.

Please forgive my stupidity, my curiosity gets overwhelming sometimes.


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