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Learning path to Game Developing?

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I want to create an mmorpg, But not like World of Warcraft.
It's just going to be an indy mmorpg that stays in beta for what might seem like forever... f2p ofcourse.
I've seen this done so many times where there's just a group of 2-4 that have created entire succesful mmorpgs.

I studied c++ before and I think I was pretty good and had a solid understanding of it until I came to multi threading etc.
I wanted to get some experience by creating a text based game instead of just doing the exercises from the c++ tutorials.
But I hate "wasting" my time doing meaningless games so I wanted to make a bigger first project and make a MUD instead.

But for this I would have to learn networking.. Which was a mistake I guess since now I had to learn about multi threading and networking at the same time.. since you need multi threading when doing networking (multiplayer).. It became too much advanced and complicated for me.

PLUS, I realised then that it's not so big difference between making a text based game and a graphical game. All I needed was to learn some WinAPI.. Now I was way over my head... like if I wasn't already.

I quit.

Later I found out about game maker engines that are extremely easy to use.
So with most of programming "outsourced" all I needed was graphics. I learned how to use programs like render3d and creating building and things like that but didn't learn how to implement them in the game. I later quit because it felt so stupid to use a game maker. Could make so much more professional game with a real engine.

So now I'm thinking of coming back again..
But I really don't wanna come back just to waste another 1-2 months of my life that I'll never get back tongue.png
What I mean is I want to know exactly what I've got to do and have my learning path written down in a numbered list and things to do so I won't have that feeling of never reaching my goal.

I've came pretty far I think but still feels like I've got forever until I can even begin working on an mmorpg.
I really hate working on making small useless games that I have no real interest in just to test my skills.

Can someone who is experienced use the info I've told about myself to advice the best path for me if I choose to give it another try?

I was thinking about networking, I see so many game developers on forums that are really professional but almost none of them know anything about networking.. Is there some shortcut around networking or something that I don't know about? Not having to learn networking would make a HUGE difference in how far to working on my mmorpg would take.

Do I need to learn OpenGL or direct3d if I use a Game Engine?
How much of WinAPI do I need to learn? Everything?
I know for example that you can create graphics in WinAPI but why would you do that when you got OpenGL for graphics?

I've only surfaced a couple of Game Engines before. But it seems like I don't even need WinAPI to make a game in a Game Engine? And they usually have their unique scripting language so no c++ either? I know I'm wrong about what I just said but can you explain why I'm wrong?

Also If I later choose to work with someone who creates graphics.
I still have to know how to make them myself right? So I can implement them into the engine/game/code.

I'll probably have some more questions depending on the answers I get.
Thanks in advance!

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But I really don't wanna come back just to waste another 1-2 months of my life that I'll never get back tongue.png

It's a shame that you think that that was a waste of time. I disagree. I think you learned something, and I don't think that was a waste.
It's also a shame that the forum's FAQs have not migrated over just yet.

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