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Ben Tibbetts

Blob Story

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Download from my homepage

Download from Yoyogames

Blob Story is an arcade/puzzle game involving Bob, who is a blob.
Features 100 levels of increasing difficulty and a gradually changing gameplay.


  • Dodge the cubes, save the trees, watch out for save points and extra lives.
  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Other keyboard commands are "p" for pause, "m" for start/stop music, "g" for grid, "r" for restart game, F1 or "h" for game information, F4 to toggle fullscreen/window mode, F9 to save a screenshot, and ESC to quit.

    Game Design, Programming, Graphics, and Music by Ben Tibbetts
    Programmed in GameMaker 8 Pro
    Graphics created in Bryce 7, Microsoft Paint, and Irfanview
    Music created in Cubase Essential 5 and Audacity
    Testing by the Game Maker Community (gmc.yoyogames.com)
    Volunteer beta testers for v0.9: mAnIk800, Davidobot, Soulsnatcher, BlueDebel, ArcadeMachines, ookami125
    In-depth testing provided by David Orr, Jeff Heim, and Megan Wolfe
    Special thanks to Mark Overmars, Big J, and Daniel Remar
    Game © 2011 Ben Tibbetts

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Version 1.1 released. Changes:
-Greater chance of extra hearts
-Purple hearts
-Some added SFX
-Bug fix: score is -1
-Hard: no extra hearts
-Some added FX
-Added refresh level option
-Bug fix: loading error / cube positions (fixed?)
-Minor aesthetic improvements
-drank even more coffee

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