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Hit a road block

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So after many months of designing a perfect balance, Ive come across a road block.

The Game idea
A majority single player sci-fi rpg with MMO elements that influence your single player world, confused? Sorry, but more details will be revealed at a later date. The game has Governments seeking control of other planets and resources through whatever means necessary.
Caught in-between all this is the Corporations, who are more than happy to oblige whoever has the most coin, and is in their best interests.
Every decision that is made in the Governments and Corporations, is player driven.

The Problem I am having……
-On character creation you have to choose one of three Government types, Red, Black or Blue
-The type chosen will decide what Profession you may choose and Race, A, B or C
-Once you have chosen a Government and Profession, you can choose a Profession specific Corporation, each profession has the choice of two corporations.

Now here is the situation that I am in…

-“Bob” chooses Government Red, Profession A
-“Billy” chooses Government Black, Profession A
-Governments Red and Black go to war with each other
-“Bob” and “Billy” will have to fight each other

My whole idea was for the Player to be “born” into a Government, which is unabled to be changed, as there are Race restrictions on each government type.

Secondly, I wanted Corporations to be independent from the Government if they so choose, just because they are “born” into a Government doesn’t mean that they have to follow them.

My ideas are….
-Each Government has it’s own Profession specific corporations
(Not liking this idea, as I want the Corporations to have depth, doing this would mean tripling the work load on this section)

Apologies if this is unclear, and the problem may seem miniscule but it affects allot of other game mechanics, which I know, I should have seen this coming a mile away! tongue.png So if anyone has ANY ideas, please let me know.

A game which has similiar features would be Face of Mankind

Thank you

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Then you should make a corporation for each of the governments. So players in another government will never be related to each other.

Or split up the corporation in 2 individual ones when a war starts.

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Thought of implementing something like : Player a "kills" player b ingame, but it is only considered as a prisoner of war = the company of player b pays a ransom and the player is transferred back to his government/company.

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