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10$ for a good story...

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This is a small contest for a good story! If I see something I like, I'll offer 10$ per paypal. :)
We are currently developing a small browser game, in the very early stage: http://cog.go.to/
However, we somehow lack of a really good strong plot for the campaign.

What the game is about:
- multi-player
- teams of creatures fighting against each other
- creature breeding
- magical setting involving the 4 elements (air, earth, fire, water) (*)
(*) if really needed, could be changed if the plot is really absolutely amazing

What the campaign story/background should feature:
- why are the creatures fighting?
- avoid clichés, avoid good vs evil
- story has multiple paths/endings depending on player's decisions
- ideally, divided into ideological factions
- players may play against each other in the campaign, so each camp should have its reasons for fighting
- humor is very welcome

Please present entries in the following way:


A few lines describing the whole.


The storyline, background, etc in more details.

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(*) Other setting: post-apocalyptic with civilization half destroyed.
Earth is ravaged by degenerated creatures (due to radioactivity, genetic manipulations...).
It turns out the creatures have evolved that way as a self-defense mechanism of earth itself. Mankind is slowly destroying the planet with all its pollution. As a reaction, these creatures instinctively destroy all mankind infrastructure. The plot involves two factions:
- The army: trying to protect mankind infrastructures and kill creatures
- Gaia's forces: trying to destroy mankind infrastructures and killing opposing forces


The player wakes up from a cryogenic sleep. At the beginning, it is unclear or unknown why the creatures attack humans. It is discovered slowly as the game progresses. Depending on the player's choice (how much he follows orders or not, whether he kills a trapped creature or not, ...) He will discover more or less about the creatures and why they attack. This will lead the player to climb up the ladder in the official army's forces or become a "gaian", a nature's emissary destroying mankind infrastructure in order to save the planet.
Bla bla bla...
Misc. info: soldiers use creatures as well to fight. When creatures hatch, a human is able to establish a psychic link with it and give him orders. That's why he can control his own creatures but not others.


The story/setting is good. However, it is not good enough to stray away from the initial magical setting with the 4 elements,

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