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C binary file strings are in clear text :S

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Hi there.
I remember writing files to binary a couple of years ago but now I can't seem to be able to do it.

I'm using this code on a console application

FILE *fp;
fp=fopen("test.bin", "wb");
char x[10]="ABCDEFGHI";
fwrite(x, sizeof(x[0]), 10, fp);

The problem is that opening the file with notepad I can still see ABCDEFGH in human readable form.
So what am I missing here?


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...it's the same thing.

For your information: the difference between text files and binary files has mainly to do with newlines (Windows uses CR-LF, everything else uses LF) and end of file (Windows will stop reading a text file when it sees character 26). C functions may do some filtering on text files (e.g. converting \r\n to \n). Binary files are read and written as-is, instead.

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I just realized something: the code should be writting ABCDEFGHI\0, but he says he sees ABCDEFGH... What happened to the last two characters?

You don't write out the zero terminator when you write text to files.

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