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Unity Javascript as script engine with classes, interfaces, … its possible?

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First of all sorry for my English, it's not very good.

I am currently implementing an interactive 3d engine, and I want to add a script engine. After a hard search on the net, I decide to go with javascript (there exist several opensource engines like Google V8, spidermonkey...)
I also check ECMAscript versions and I see that v4 adds Classes, interfices, ... and some interesting features that I want, the problem is that v4 will never be implemented.

I aslo check that Unity uses this features but it seams that they implemented it.

I do some test with Chrome (because I'm interested in V8) but when I do something like:

class Foo
function test() {...}

It throws an error. "Unexpected reserved word". The same hapens with Firefox (spidermonkey).

My question is: Is there some javascript engine that implements this features (classes, static typed, interfices, inheritance, ...) to be embeded on a c++ aplication?

It has to had non comercial licence and writen in c or c++, and ofcorse fast...

ECMAScript v5 seems that didn't specificate this kind of things.

Maybe with Mono?

Thanks a lot.

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JavaScript doesn't have 'classes' in the C++ sense of the word. You can emulate some of the features of C++ classes using constructor functions and prototype inheritance, but you will never achieve a 1-to-1 mapping of functionality - the concepts behind the two object systems operate in fundamentally different directions.

Perhaps you should be looking at a scripting language that is more oriented towards C++ concepts (for example, AngelScript is a decent choice)?

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