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Move 3D Object With Mouse (Physics Gun)

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Hello everyone! Im trying to figure out some math for creating a simple Physics Gun. I plan on having a First Person View, with the ability to move in all directions and to be able to rotate the Camera. I am currently very very puzzled on how i would go about this. This is what ive learned so far. First i must perform a ray cast. I need the start position (the player/camera) and the end position(The object i am trying to manipulate). After i have those two things i am very confused as what i do. I want to be able have a working physics gun like in garrysmod. So the objecct will move when i move and it will move when i rotate the camera. I did some reading and found, that if you subtract the objects position from the start position, then add that difference to the objects position it will accomplish what i am trying to do. Is this correct?

Also would this work? http://ode-wiki.org/wiki/index.php?title=HOWTO_gravity_gun

Doing (camera positon + camera direction) - targetposition and then using that as a velocity?

Thank you everyone for looking!

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