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Help Please.

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I have just started learning c++ and I can do basic stuff:
Print Statement
Else If
For Loop
While Loop

Can someone recommend to me how i can do graphics and stuff for like games and stuff.
I am thinking about OpenGL or SDL.
Can someone explain how these engines work?
I am on a mac using Xcode.

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No. Without a better foundation you're just going to flounder with these libraries.

I agree. However, the best thing to do now is to be familar with the various operations that you'll need in game development. For instance, how familiar are you with file I/O operations. If the answer is "I'm not", "I've done it a couple of times", or "I've seen it before", then you should really get famiilar with it because you'll be using it all the time.

Matter of fact, I need to find the link to the C++ game programming workshop.

Note: At this point, you still need a bit more practice with C++ before using the workshop.

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I agree with above. You still a lot more undestanding of c++ before going into graphics. If you really want to make a game and learn c++, I would do a text based game like a mudd or something. I would also try to work with different libraries such as the std, boost so that you get familiar with using 3rd party libraries. You definitely need to understand file system functions, templates, pointers, and many other topics.

Edit: Actually it should probably be a SUDD. I would only do a single user game.

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