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BEPUPhysics how can I handle 16,000+ objects?

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Okay so I researched all I could on building my own physics engine but I can't afford the time anymore, so I've moved over to a physics engine in hopes I can make my own physics engine on the next project.
I'm using BEPUPhysics http://bepuphysics.codeplex.com/
But of coarse there is a complication, I've got it all rigged up but the 16,000 blocks making up the floor no doubt lags.
The adding and removing from the physics is handled in the constructor and a destructor-like method executed by the object manager when an object is removed.
Now I've got an Idea on how I should go about this,
only create world blocks near dynamic objects, destroy them when out of range. drawing could be handled with the byte array holding each blocks type.
But what would be the best way for me to approach this?

I'm not sure if I should use a manager keeping track of all dynamic objects.
If dynamic objects should handle it in their update method.
Or if I should use a hierarchical system finding the chunks your in and creating those blocks.

I'm going to be trying some of these out soon, but I figured I'm better off with a second opinion on this, its essentially the difference between 1fps and 60fps

Any and all help is appreciated,
Thanks in advance,

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