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Outsourcing Programmers and Artists with no experience

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Hi there everyone. I'm here to present a question.

Can you trust these people to do the job for you?

SO, I'm from the Philippines currently, and the place seems void of game producers and studios. Yes there are exceptions, but some,well let's say, they do nothing much but make Apps for Iphones. Which is awesome at it's own right but I have a vision to come out and make a studio that is identifiable through the global, more hardcore-casual players. So my "wish" is to create games to more mainstream platforms like PC or Consoles. But that's more on the long run.

Right now, I've been promised a good investment if I came up with a good game to present.
Here are some of my limitations:

You see my I've always wanted to be a game dev from the start, but I was forced to go out of the way to study Psychology, which I finished but it deviated me from my real passion. So, I graduated, and decided to go and make a studio anyway to fulfill my dreams knowing that I have a lot of backup money-wise coz I work a day job and I have friends who will invest (if I do a good job)

Problem is I dont know how to program. I know most people would go for do-it-yourself projects to get started, but in my case, I have no programming knowledge and I've only toyed with Game Maker. This left me to do lots of thinking and contemplating if I should re-do studies and go to a University with Computer Science.

But that would take too much time.

Then I thought of Outsourcing programmers. (Coz I know how to do the art,so I wont have any trouble doing it myself)

My idea is to register in a university's internship program; I dont know how other countries work, but here, companies need to register themselves as "OKAY" for Interns to work for.

That would lower the cost of programmers, if not, have programmers for free.

Another one would be to just post fliers around campus. There are hobbyists for sure who'd come and see.
Let me restate that there arent much game development going on here, which makes programmers not want to focus on that segment of programming. So if we were to outsource students from universities and they are inexperienced but they have the drive to create the game, can they do a good job?

And Tom Sloper has already told me to find an experienced technical director to get an idea what engine to use, but I have no idea what that is and where to find one.

I'll really appreciate feedback and help. Thanks so much for this wonderful community.

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"can they do a good job?"
No, at most they can do a passable job (unless by chance you find some student that actually has prior experience and is actually talented.)
In my experience over the last years, if you ask a beginner to do you something (either programming or art), you'll get a very bad job.
Never contract anyone that does not have a portfolio to show, as in 99% of the cases there's a reason they don't have one.

Also, even if someone inexperienced has a decent porfolio in one field, do not expect them to be able to do something good in a different field, even if it is something somehow related (eg: do not ask a guy that only does 2d sketches to do pixel art, nor a guy who only does vehicle modelling to do character animation). If they are skilled individuals, a few months of training on the new area can give results though.

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We're very short on training grounds for these expertise. Any idea on where we can have them grow on their own?

There are no magic tricks to get there faster, if they are starting now, it will take at least one or two years to get to a decent level.

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