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tutorial offline installs sites and good open es

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I came across a number of sites that seem to allow offline install. But they end up need some form of online connection. I need help with link to offline SDK downloads for android install. I need to install the following completely offline. Its practically not possible for me to install directly to my computer..... Any help with effective links?

Linux offline install preferred (or if windows where linux download is impossible to get hold of)
Java JDK
Android SDK
Eclipse classic
Eclipse C++ IDE
ADT plugin for eclipse

Examples of a 3d development written with only C++ and
OpenGL ES tutorials (not Jayway team blog – gets stuck when I try to scroll up/down)


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My first question is, why is it required to be an offline install for everything?

  1. If you can't figure out to install a Linux distro, then I won't be able to offer much help. Maybe look at Mint or Ubuntu?
  2. The current JDK is only online, as far as I know.
  3. For Eclipse, all you need to do is download the zip file and unzip into a working directory if on Windows. If you use either of the above distros, you can access them through your respository, or by download like the Windows version.
  4. Eclipse is Eclipse, and can be used with multiple languages with the proper configuration.
  5. You can get the Android SDK and ADT in zip files from the official site and place the files in a working directory, and place the ADT plug-in into the plug-in folder for Eclipse.
  6. Above goes the same for the Android NDK, although I personally recommend you use Java unless you actually need C++ (such as porting significant code directly from earlier C++ projects)

Hope I helped a little bit. And I don't know about C++ tutorials on Android with OpenGL ES, but there are tons of tutorials and examples of both 1.1 and 2.0 in Java on the official developer's site. Good luck on your project! Android is a great platform to work on.

I looked up the Jayway blog you mentioned (here), and it uses Java with OpenGL ES as well. So I don't understand why you'd want to work using only C++, since it is a lot more difficult, and would still require you to write chunks in Java anyways.

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