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New article published - tips for after you've landed the gig

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nsmadsen    5578
Hey guys,

Here's a newly published article that covers several tips and pitfalls I've experienced after landing an audio gig. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.


Feel free to comment on it using the form below it.



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Nyaanyaa    1630
Hey Nate,

Great article! Very well written, and really good and useful information! Thanks for sharing!

What would interest me most, though - maybe in a future article? - is, once you are comfortable composing, arranging and mixing music in a DAW environment (Cubase in my case), what other software - if any - is crucial to know the ins and outs of when offering your services as a freelance videogame (and film) composer?

I'm eager to get started in the business, but somewhat intimidated by my lack of knowledge of and about other possibly crucial software and aspects of audio implementation into videogames that might be expected of me, and due to that even unsure where to set my rates at (which is also based on my lack of information about the current market situation).

I'm looking forward to your future articles! :)


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