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Need advice on what is worth putting in my CV

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I am finishing final year bachelor. I will apply for game programmer job this october after I finish college, will have the summer to prepare my cv.

I have implemented image processing algorithms, a whole book, I also have implemented computational geometry algorithms a whole book. The nature of these algorithms are close to things you see in games programming. Both projects were like 3000 lines each. I wonder if it is worth it to mention them as personal projects in my cv?

I am split between two opinions. They really wont care much if you implemented bunch of algorithms. Who cares... For example I work now on RTS game, until october it will grow like 20 000 lines I guess. I will put that in my cv, which will beat both previous projects so who cares if you implemented bunch of algorithms, you did an RTS game 20 000 lines... see my opinion?

On the other hand it is not like I have milions of projects to show off in my cv, so just put these projects too it wont hurt. Maybe they will even see it as positive thing since as I said these areas, the nature of the algorithms are close to things you do in games.

Thank you for your time and opinions

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Don't show off projects in your CV, show them off in your portfolio.
Include links in your CV to your portfolio, maybe very briefly mention what they can find in your portfolio.
Use images and videos if you can on your portfolio.

The way you're explaining these projects it sounds like a good thing to include.
Include anything that makes you look good. Don't include anything that makes you look bad.

This is what my portfolio looked like when I was hunting for an internship almost 2 years ago: http://vhabion.net/
My portfolio was quite well received, I ended up landing an internship with Funcom in Oslo.

I also received quite positive feedback on the inclusion of a code snippet.
It wasn't much code nor particularly complicated at all, but it did allow them to view my style of programming at that point.
If I were to update my portfolio today, I'd find a few more snippets to include.

I also had a sample project that consisted of about 500 lines of well documented code that I sent around when I was asked for larger examples.
I'd never send anything much bigger than that, as it gets too big to review.
This was a project that wasn't portfolio worthy (and thus not included), but I kept around just for the purpose of being able to send employers code.

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Also, it is good to share your projects on YouTube. I know persons who got an offer of job because they used to show off their work.

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