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Phantasya - Game Making Studio

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My name is Mor, and I'm posting here to show you guys the progress of my year-long project and hopefully get some feedback I could use.

Phantasya is a Game Making Studio program that's goal is to simplify the process of 2D game creation of any genre for PC(Future plans for Mac, iOS and Android platforms).
Phantasya works with a very simple GUI that anyone can pick up and use right out of the box, and does not require any programming knowledge to make your game.

Phantasya comes packaged with some very useful features that can assist you greatly in creating your game, such as:
-Run-time Event and variable creation and deletion.
-Built in advanced particle system working both with sprite and pixel based particles.
-Math Formulas that are parsed from user defined text.
-Simple to use Collision Checks that work on a given area and raise flags.
-For Each loops that let you cycle through your Events and act quickly and efficiently on batches of Events.
-Simulated multithreading without actual multithreading, to remove the risk of the user breaking the game through such.
-Code and Event Templates to ease development time with reusable code and also get the ability to share your Templates to build a strong community based code pool.

Recently, I started a video tutorial series for Phantasya to show how to works in action and give you an idea of what to look forward to and will be posting a new video daily, covering different aspects of the program, you can find it on PhantasyaStudio's channel on YouTube, here:

You can find some more info and playable demos made with Phantasya on Phantasya's website at:

As well as the Facebook page at:
It could really help me tremendously if you could like this page.

What I'm looking for is some feedback based off what you can see here, what do you think could still be improved upon? What could be simplified? Pretty much anything you could feedback on would be useful.

At this point in time there is still no release date or business plan set, and if you guys could, that's something I'd really like to hear some feedback about as well, what do you think would be a good business choice for the future of this program?

Thanks alot!

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