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Issue with Vector Texture Coordinates

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I am having an issue with vector texture coordinates. I understand the theory, and i have it working, about 90%. My issue is as follows. i am parsing a t3d file. and i have all the geometry loaded in and showing correctly. i also have the textures working properly... kinda.

my texture coordinate code is as follows

for(unsigned k = 0; k < poly->vertices_.Size(); k++){
Vector2 texCoord;
// Subtract the origin to align the texture graphic
Vector3 temp = poly->vertices_[k] - poly->origin_;

// Dot the vertex by the given s, t vectors, and divide by the texture width
texCoord.x_ = temp.DotProduct(poly->sVector_) / 128.0f;
texCoord.y_ = temp.DotProduct(poly->tVector_) / 128.0f;


// Move the vertices into the correct location
poly->vertices_[k] += brush->location_;

what happens is i have different sized textures. some are 256 x 256, 1024 x 1024 and one is 512 x 128. so when i change the texture width/height in the algorithm my textures do not scale properly. if i use the magic number of 128, all my textures are aligned and the proper size. however, this should not be correct, as my wall texture is 1024 x 1024 which is much larger then my floor tile of 256 x 256. even the 256 doesn't make sense, since the 128 is not the right dimensions. the one that looks the worst, is the 512 x 128 texture.

i am using udk to create/layout the level and texture and export to t3d file for me to import.

thanks for any help.

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