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How to start of Gamedesign?

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Hello everyone my name is Pedro im from Switzerland and im doing at the momment a IT School. Im wanting to continue in to applikationsdesign and my previous knowledge is.

Good C++ Basic Knowledge
Very Good Html, CSS Knowledge
Good MySQL Knowledge
Very Low Digital Drawing Knowledge = http://fc05.devianta...hog-d4hnz22.jpg , http://fc01.devianta...TheHedgehog.jpg
Very Low Musical experience = play E-Guitar and haven't record any track yet sadly.
Very Good Story writer.(Gramactical errors included) since the 3 Languages i know ( German , Portuguese and English ) http://www.gamefront...6%E3%83%AB.docx

Now my Main questione would be since i wanna do in the future gamedesign and i already have Unity3D on my Computer installed but i don't have of any knowledge of Java. How should i start of Gamedesigning then? I mean i wanna do something step by step that requires maybe 3D models ( already have been playing around with Direct X SDK and setting up own Opensim Grid). But if i would do such a thing what would come next that has been my main problem i been trying to work with Unity. Yes i have made one or 2 games but they haven't realy impressed me enough since most of the advanced things i need to programm with Java and that i don't have any knowledge about. So i do hope you can help me out and tell me how i start of as a Beginner in Gamedesigning.

Thank you for helping already and im sorry for my bad english since im still in school i try to learn English as better as i can.

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Hello Pedro,and welcome.

A good place to start with game design is to get the general idea of the game you wish to make, otherwise you won't have a point to focus on and, therefore, will struggle to get much done.

After the idea is down, pick the right engine for the job. Since you chose Unity(Good Place to start) it might e a good idea to prototype.

Learn JavaScript for sure, seeing as that is the primary scripting language of the Unity engine. Don't worry, it's extremely easy to learn.

Any other questions?


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