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Static std::ostream objects

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I have a debug utility class that I use instead of cout. I do this because I want to be able to quickly switch between outputting to console, files, network, GUI, etc. All I would have to do would be set the ostream object up so that it's streambuff points to either a file, or cout. I already figured out how to attach a stream to cout. The problem is, I get undefined reference errors in Visual C++ when I try to declare a static ostream object. This is my class declaration:

///@brief The DebugUtils class contains debugging functions for outputting strings to the console, or files.
class DebugUtils
///@brief This stream can be used instead of std::cout.
static std::ostream out;
///@brief The BaseGameApp class is a friend so that it can acces this class's constructor.
friend class BaseGameApp;
///@brief The DebugUtils constructor is only called by the game application.

How do I prevent undefined references to the DebugUtils::out? I have the constructor of that class being called by the main game app's constructor, so the debugging utilities can be used after creating an app. That's where I connect it to std::cout.

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The part inside the class definition is just a declaration. You need to provide a definition in addition to the declaration. In this case it would look like:

std::ostream DebugUtils::out;

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