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Question on class implementation

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class CHud {

CHud() : bFps(TRUE), bResolution(TRUE), bRefreshRate(TRUE) { };

// Status Checks
bool IsFps() { return bFps; };
bool IsResolution() { return bResolution; };
bool IsRefreshRate(){ return bRefreshRate; };

// Toggler
void NotFps() { bFps = !bFps; };
void NotReolution() { bResolution = !bResolution; };
void NotRefreshRate(){ bRefreshRate = !bRefreshRate; };

bool bFps;
bool bResolution;
bool bRefreshRate;


Then i have a class Which holds the DirectX Device...along with functions such as DrawText()...DrawBox()

class CDXRenderer
void DrawText()
boid DrawBox()

My question is....Should the CHud have a function called DrawHealth(), DrawFps()..etc? Where should this functionality be implemented? should it be apart of CHUD or CDXRenderer or should i be using inheritance or maybe even composition for this? thanks

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In general, I would implement the HUD using a supplied renderer's (more likely some renderer base class') supplied primitives for drawing text/images.

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