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Uthang Rpg

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Howdy! I am excited about something I have been working on and wanted to let other know about it.

Uthang - http://uthang.com

After years and years of starting on different RPG engines, both 2d and 3d, I recently decided to see how well web-browsers have come along, and if they could be a pertinent environment for one. No Flash or plug-ins required. Just simple ‘ol Javascript running asynchronously against a PHP back-end.

So I started up this project and it has come along far enough that I should start getting whatever feedback I could. It’s all free to play, so I welcome all. I just started adding actual content so it might take only a few minutes to exhaust what I have done. Plus my initial tiles might cause some eye-strain. Most of my time has been spent getting the initial engine up and going, but it is finally stable enough now where I can expand upon the content.

It has been mostly tested in Chrome, FF and Safari, so if it doesn’t act well in IE, then try a better browser. I am also listing out items I am working on in the What’s New page, but some of the items almost done, in case you wonder why they are not there yet, are Items and NPCs, which should make it feel more complete. Again, I just couldn’t wait any longer to show someone.

Be gentle and have fun!

-Phil (interNEKO)



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Thanks to everyone who played and gave feedback! I've made a ton of progress on the engine, and have put enough functionality into it that I have finally been able to make real quests now. There still isn't a ton of content, but that is changing. The biggest changes since my first post includes:

- Get and use items
- NPC conversations and dialogs
- New context menu
- Actual content
- Making it work in IE8 at least a bit
(new screen shot below)

Finally getting a real RPG up and going has been pretty exciting, and I welcome any feedback. Making all these tiles has really taught me a lot about sprite drawing. I actually drew most of them on 'SpriteSomething' on the iPad, but if anyone knows something better I would be interested to know.

Thanks again!



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