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Unity Web game developers- Flash or Unity3D? (or others?)

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to make a web based RTS game that's either isometric, or 3D with a fixed camera angle. I'm currently torn between using Flash or Unity3D (or webgl?), and I would want to hear you guys opinions on which is the best technology to use.

What I imagine to be the Pros of Flash:
- [b]no additional plugin install [/b](If I use Unity3D, I fear that many players will turn away due to the additional plugin required... I heard that they are planning to integrate Unity into Chrome and flash, but I'm not sure how long I need to wait for this to happen)

What I imagine to be the Cons of Flash:
- I haven't seen any 3D RTS coded in flash, so I'm not sure if flash can handle all the 3D renderings as smoothly.
- It's slowly getting replaced by other web technologies

Any suggestions/comments would be great!

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I don't think it really matters that much anymore, the latest flash version has fairly good 3D support (It hasn't been available for that long which is most likely why you havn't seen that many games taking advantage of it yet), Unity is more of a complete game engine though and will most likely be easier to make the game with but as you've noted the install base is smaller.

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Anyone have any comments on which flash 3D library to use? (better rendering?) Between Alternativa3D, Flare3D and Away3D

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Games can be built in unity then published to flash - best of both worlds (no additional plugin but a great 3d ide)
Are some drawbacks though - lack of complete control including of asset loading so everything is bundled into one massive swf (this may change though in the future)

Away3D is pretty decent, easy to use and you can modify the source.
Flare3D is even simpler to use for a lot of folks and comes with some integration with 3DsMax which can be a big help.
Alternativa has some great features but isn't open!

Webgl is an option but can be hard to work with (consistency amongst the browsers etc... and can be buggy) not to mention the code can be modified in realtime by anyone playing the game..easy cheating and hacking etc.. not to say that flash is immune but its much harder (an amateur can modify any js scripts and reload the page using their modified version)

[url="http://unity.parnasmoto.ru/stalker/"]http://unity.parnasmoto.ru/stalker/[/url] - a fun flash game built in unity

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRhdzs3OMcw&hd=1"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRhdzs3OMcw&hd=1[/url] - FlashTent Part 6 : Getting Started with Away3D 4.0 2/8 Alternatives to Away3D

[url="http://flashdaily.net/post/16006569490/blacksun-game-technical-preview"]http://flashdaily.net/post/16006569490/blacksun-game-technical-preview[/url] - a flash 3d game

[url="http://flashdaily.net/post/16400124137/traffic-slam-2-flash-player-11-away3d"]http://flashdaily.net/post/16400124137/traffic-slam-2-flash-player-11-away3d[/url] - another flash 3d game

[url="http://flashdaily.net/"]http://flashdaily.net[/url] - demos in general of new flash stuff

whilst flash is slowly getting replaced by the likes of webgl, its still a long way off fully stable. So unless you want to wait a long while I would crack on with flash or unity.

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Unity and Flash are both extremely powerful these days, but as someone else has stated, Unity is more or less a complete game engine.

The thing I've learned is don't start too big. Work on mini private projects and work your way up to making full fledged games. Educating yourself on video game design such as making a flowchart for your game before starting the actual game will make your life a lot easier.

Good Luck!

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Does flash let you import 3d models from the main 3d software formats? I've never used flash, but Unity blew my mind how fast I could import a heightmap (made from google satellite image), slap some textures on it, drag some 3ds or fbx models out, and start coding a 3d game that looks amazing.

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You're wrong. Both Unity and Flash are plugins. Just everyone started using Flash and it gets installed together with browser either on your first website. Therefore I cannot see what's wrong with using Unity. There's kinda no difference between these two plugin for end-user, so just choose what you like the most.

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