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OpenGL Remote rendering - OpenGL

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I want to implement a simple remote rendering system. For the sake of simplicity, assuming that I have a server and a client, now I want the server to perform the rendering according to the client requests and then send the result back to the client.

The idea is pretty straightforward, I will briefly discribe as following:
1. At first, the client sends rendering parameters to the server (for example: viewport info)
2. The server performs the redering according to the parameters received from client
3. The server then extracts the rendered image (by using glReadPixels, for instance) and transmit it to the client

I got some problems when implementing step 2. As the user keeps changing the viewport constantly, I make a 'while' loop to keep the server up to date with the changes from client.

Something like this:
void init(void);
void render(void);


int main ( int argc, char** argv ) {

// ...
while (1)
// receive data from the client
// perform rendering
// send data to the client
return 0;

Is there any possble way to perform rendering when I'm still in the 'while' loop or if someone comes up with better idea in doing this, plz let me know.

I'm thinking of using offline-rendering. It may take some time cuz I'm not familier with it and I just wanna keep everything simple.

Sorry for the stupid question. I'm just a newbee smile.png


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I found a relevant thread here. It seems that many people are interested in this topic, so if someone has successfully impelemented this kinda things before plz share with me. Or if someone can point out a tutorial about this, that would be great.

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