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OpenAL Sound Error C++

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I've been working on a game in C++. I use OpenAL for my sound library. I've been having some issues with sound playback. For some reason, my sounds will either play normally, play halfway, or stop playing all together. I would like some help with this issue. So I'm posting my code below.

//Operations to Play Sources
ALuint buffers[20];
ALuint sources[20];
int SRC_VAL = 0;
float LISTNER_X = 0;
float LISTNER_Y = 0;

void InitSources(){
void PlaySource(int buf,bool ambient = true,float x = 0, float y = 0, float refdist = 1.0, float maxdist = 20){
float dist = sqrt((LISTNER_X-x)*(LISTNER_X-x) + (LISTNER_Y-y)*(LISTNER_Y-y));
if(dist <= maxdist || ambient){
alSourcei(sources[SRC_VAL], AL_BUFFER, buffers[buf]);
alSource3f(sources[SRC_VAL],AL_POSITION, x,y,0);
alSourcei(sources[SRC_VAL], AL_REFERENCE_DISTANCE, refdist);
alSourcei(sources[SRC_VAL], AL_MAX_DISTANCE, maxdist);
alSource3f(sources[SRC_VAL], AL_POSITION, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
if(SRC_VAL >= 20){
SRC_VAL = 0;

//this is inside main for initialization and buffer loading
int main(){
alutInit(0, NULL);
// load sounds
buffers[0] = alutCreateBufferFromFile("SFX/walk.wav");
buffers[1] = alutCreateBufferFromFile("SFX/jump.wav");
buffers[2] = alutCreateBufferFromFile("SFX/pain.wav");
buffers[3] = alutCreateBufferFromFile("SFX/break.wav");
buffers[4] = alutCreateBufferFromFile("SFX/pain.wav");
buffers[5] = alutCreateBufferFromFile("SFX/collect.wav");
buffers[6] = alutCreateBufferFromFile("SFX/zombie.wav");
buffers[7] = alutCreateBufferFromFile("SFX/splash.wav");
buffers[8] = alutCreateBufferFromFile("SFX/fall.wav");
// code

To play a sound I just call the function PlaySource

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I'm not using the ALUT lib, just basic OpenAL. Didn't have any problems. Just follow the samples included in the OpenAL SDK.

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