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The further I drove down the path the further I descended into madness. The trees slowly seemed to tilt their branches, as if admiring my courage for being down here. Every tree lower than the last, the path slowly turning from asphalt to dirt. They told me it would be a simple mission, rescue the sheriff's daughter for a nice fat bonus to my weekly paycheck. What they neglected to inform me was her last known location was on old Willsbury road, the same road that 27 deaths had taken place last year. As I was recalling the event, I heard a screech in front of me and slammed on the brakes, nearly giving myself a concussion. I opened the car door to the darkness, almost an analogy for what was happening inside of me. I drew my 9mm state-issued handgun and aimed it in front of me. I took out my flashlight and slowly turned it on horrified of what I might see. A body indistinguishable of gender, age, or ethnicity lay in front me. I slowly crept towards the body, gripping my gun so tightly it would leave scars after this night. The body started to wriggle, then slowly it transformed into the most traumatizing mortifying creature I have ever seen in my life. I nearly dropped my gun in fright of what I saw. It dragged its crippled leg around so I could see it's horrible face. It appeared to have three eyes and a mouth where its hair should have been, the arms were just bones carved with strange markings. It stood at least 8 feet tall and its body covered with bullet holes and the flesh of human beings. The color made it stick out from the night, a dark tan with bits and pieces colored into different shades of the original. I let out my entire clip before I could even blink, and yet the creature did not even budge.

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odin420pgp    111
Don't remember much, just a dock, a road, and the faint smell of Jack Daniels on an old leather jacket.
I used to be somebody else... something better than ... this?

I've always had this problem around Fall. Something in me just breaks and I start to unravel bit to bit.
Memory is a funny thing. It likes to mock you from the corners of the room, letting you peek under its skirt and then charging you your soul to see the full show.

I'm not quite ready to play this game again. I'm at the same double doors I come to every October. They are open this time, which is new. They've always been locked before, more for everyone else's protection instead of mine.

Maybe they are ready to play this time. The hunger still lingers inside me. Time to feed these demons.

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ShiftyKake    118
Well, I decided to have a crack it. It was more for fun, since I don't think I can compete with this talent -.-'
“I was wrong, I was so wrong” The man mutters in a corner of a dark room, jumping at the slightest sound creeping from the door.
“So so wrong. No bell. No bell.” The man keeps muttering to himself, pulling out a slip of paper and a dirty pencil. He desperately spreads it across the floor, trying to scratch words into it. Halfway through, footsteps can be heard echoing through the door, making him jump at in unbridled fear. Wide-eyed, he quickened the pace of his writing, as he muttered to himself “Not long left. Not long left. Must warn whoever seeks the Tower. Must help. The beast cannot be controlled. Not be controlled. The bell is not real.” Suddenly a dark figure looms over him and he jerks away. As he scrambles desperately across the hard floor, bloodying his hands, the figure raises his hand and…something….stabs the man.

As his lifeless body lay in a pool of blood, the paper in his hand becomes soaked. The man appears as if he is looking at what he wrote on the slip of paper, before the blood washes it away.

“Don’t move, or face the Shadows…”


They say the bell has rung at noon ever since this village came about. At first, I only questioned this knowledge out of curiosity. Yet as I delved deeper into the mysteries of the Tower, I started to wonder….

Is there really a bell at all?

So it became my mission, to seek out the answers to this mysterious Tower that leaves this town with blank faces whenever the name comes to pass. I sought answers for so long, that what I believed to be my mission has long since become my obsession.

Yet I am close now, for whatever is in there hiding, waiting, has started to awaken. The children are disappearing for days on end, and when they come back they have the same blank faces as the villagers. I sought the answer as to why, yet I was only given more questions.
The only clue I found was the bell’s sound changing ever so slowly, as if it was crying in anguish. Somehow, whatever is making that noise must be related to this. It has started again, I must go.

Tonight will be the last night I see my friends disappear.

For tonight, the Tower will be within my grasp, and I shall seek out the answer that awaits me at the top…
That was the first one I decided to write, before looking at other posts.When you mentioned the Tower's strange noise, it gave me the idea of creating a "mistake" as such as to the cause of the noise. The player seeks out to discover why this bell is affecting the villagers only to find out that it is not a bell at all. Also, in all my stories I wanted to put mos to fhte games emphasise on the "Tower", since it would be most useful in whatever circumstance the story is set in. Like if it was set in the character's memories, the Tower would be the center of all his pain etc.
Now, onto the next one.
[i]They say there is nothing in the world left to be explored, so why then are the murky depths of the ocean untouched…[/i]

“Please, Jordan. ANSWER ME! We were in our boat? Do you remember? We fell and woke up here.” I desperately cried as his passive face stared back at me.

“What are you talking about? We have lived here our entire life” Jordan answers with a dead pan voice. I stare at him in anguish and confusion, and just stand there as I understand nothing. Why can I remember our past, but my friends cannot? Suddenly the bell tolls and I glance up in determination.

This time…this time I will climb the Tower. Let us dance, Beast, to the answers I seek.
I wished to give thought on the place being somewhere Unknown in the world, like the "Cage of Eden" manga, where they go on a school trip and their plane ends up crashing on an Island that doesn't exist.
The bell rings again, its cries of anguish mocking me every day. For it knows that I can do nothing, I cannot stop my friends from walking to the Tower without complaint or emotion, I cannot prevent the cries of anguish from my fellow villagers as another friend never returns, and I cannot understand the reasoning’s behind all of this.

When did the Tower first appear? No-one knows, it was as if it wasn't there one day and suddenly it was. It just faded into the back of people’s memories, for it didn't matter to us as long as we could continue to live without hassle. Yet as our friends disappeared one by one, we began to question.

Is that Tower really doing nothing? Or is it the cause of all of this, this anguish, this pain and suffering, this hopelessness. This cannot go on forever, we are down to ten left. Ten people, out of a whole town.

I must stop this; I must seek the Tower’s top.

I must seek my answers, and pay the price for the knowledge.

Fear grips me, but there is no going back…
I wanted to generate a story that gives a sense of the character's "hopelessness", so it communicates to the player that the character himself is just as much stumped as you are. This provides a player-character connection, that stimulates their interest in said character and his story.

That's it, that is what I have. Hope you enjoy it.

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AChillyDog    105
It began as a sketchy newspaper ad. Then it turned into the most horrifying experience of my life. The ad read "10,00 dollars for anyone who stays overnight on Whitefield Island" I tried to contact the person, but it took me to a pre-automated meassage "Meet me at the north coast of the island." I found this slightly creepy, as if the person had known what I was doing, but 10 thousand dollars is 10 thousand dollars.I got some supplies and I borrowed a motorboat from my friend and drove the motorboat the the north side of the island. Once there I saw a strange man wearing quite a heavy coat. Assuming he was the creator of the ad, I walked over to see him. Upon getting closer, I noticed that He was wearing a hat that hid his face long with the coat. Once I was was with him, I asked him why he was hiding his face. "Don't worry about that. All you need to do is stay here overnight, then come right back here." the man replied. Remembering my boy scout skills, I went into the woods, trying to find a place to build shelter. As I got deeper into the woods, I noticed a small house not too fdar from me. Funny. I thought this place was uninhabited. However, I just approched the house I saw that nobody was in it. So, I opened the door, went in and found a bed. I settled down in the bed, thinking about the day. Eventually I went to sleep. As I was sleeping, I had a dream of a great big tower, but when I walked towords it nothing was there. Then I started falling into blackness as a hand pulled me down into it. Then I heard a scream and woke up. As I looked around the house,I saw a blood sploth on the bed and on the floor that I hadn't notced before. As I got out of bed I had a sharp pain in my side. I looked at it and saw a wound, it it looked man-made. This started to freak me out. Now I just wanted to get off the island. Not caring about the wound in my side, I ran out the door and to where I came from. I ran and ran and ran until I got to the north coast and saw the man in the coat. I walked up to him and he said " Oh. So you made it." I couldn't help but notice a tone of dissapointment in his voice. Then he saw the look on my face and said " You know, maybe you should just.. SMILE!" he pulled of his hat and coat which revealed a horrible, mutilated face. It took me by extreme shock and I fainted. When I woke up I found myself In the middle of the island, not knowing where on the island Iwas. All that filled my thoughts was the face. It was HORRIBLE! I couldn't think at all where I was. Then I remembered. I was on whitefield island. I needed to get off.

[center]But how?[/center]

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Got_Rhythm    559
You are a young knight who learns of a girl trapped in a tower, the girl’s name is Repunzel.

You set on a quest to rescue the girl, but quickly things go badly for you. Stranded and isolated in the forest, you are weak from hunger and lack of sleep, maybe animals are stalking you, maybe it is all in your head. You come across various abandoned structures that increase your anxiety and provide clues as to why the girl is trapped in the tower. (I am imagining no combat, just slow exploration, sounds of heavy breathing, increased sense of isolation...)

But as you stumble closer to the tower, the sweet song you could hear from so far away twists and distorts into inhuman tones. You pass some signs that warn of danger as you get ever closer, and you realize that the girl was imprisoned in the tower for a reason. The girl is evil.

So yeah... The Ring meets Repunzel.

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b615421998    121
Came across this thread, saw the pictures, got some ideas and did a bit exercising.
Didn't read the first post though, and it became somewhat of a short story... maybe the 3rd or 4th I've written in my life.
Might be suited for a text adventure.
As non-native English speaker, I expect it to be full of flaws.

Personally, i don't like it, won't continue... but I'd like to hear your opinion, if somebody has one. Edited by b615421998

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