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Caleb Robinson

Game idea testing

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My friend and I have been throwing ideas around for a game we are working on this wiki http://spacewiki.web...ku.php?id=start

This is the introduction to the game from the wiki:

We are aiming for this to be a very large scale space based strategy game:
Interactions will take place at different levels of detail throughout a simulated galaxy. At the moment we are planning on splitting this idea of a “galaxy” into 4 quadrants with each quadrant containing 100 by 100 different sectors of a fixed width (10 to 100 lights years possibly). The sectors in turn will contain an arbitrary amount of “areas”, these areas will represent solar systems, gas clouds, or other points of interest. The player will be able to control his/her own empire with its respective niche in the galaxy. The objective of the game is to battle against other empires/factions for control of the galaxy, or possibly different key portions of the galaxy. The player will be able to strategically move his/her fleets and forces around the galaxy to stage attacks on entire sectors or different areas within the sectors.

If anyone wants to look at us and let us know what you think on the wiki that would be awesome!

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