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Sprite class [a proper and complete implementation]

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I was wondering about the proper implementation of parents/children in a sprite class, beyond the usual members of a sprite class, such as Position, Texture2D, Rotation, and etc.

What I was personally planning on doing was to simply add two new members:

Sprite Parent;
List<Sprite> Children

And then of course, change all the members to look more like this (Alpha member example):

get {
if (Parent != null) return Parent.Alpha * this.alpha;
else return this.alpha;

At first I thought this wasn't such a bad idea (how else would such a class be implemented/structured?) but with this example in particular (alpha), drawing a Sprite where, say, alpha = 0.5, and which has many children, will result in each child Sprite blending into each other, since all of their alpha values are now at 50%

The desired result is that the object as a whole would be at 50% transparency and blends only with the background, and not with Objects that are within itself.

I thought of each parent Sprite object to be drawn to a Texture2D using a render target, and then applying the alpha to the Texture2D instead. That way, the object as a whole would have a transparency of 50% and not every child Sprite. But to have each Sprite applied to a Texture2D using a render target... would such a thing not be very taxing on the cpu?

My question then is... what is the best implementation of a Sprite class that has this functionality? It really is basically trying to replicate the MovieClip class in AS3. How could this be replicated in C#/XNA?

Thanks. Any help/input would be appreciated.

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What is best really depends on you and your project.

There is no one-size-fits-all object.

Maybe for you it is a duplicate of a Flash clip -- in which case maybe you would be better off with Flash, or binding to flash with FlashBuilder.

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