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OpenGL GLUT menu creation problem (Blue Book v5, Linux)

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I'm reading through the Blue Book (my first foray into OpenGL) and compiling my code on Arch Linux. When I'm at school, I do it on my laptop. When I'm at home, I use my desktop. Both are sync'd with Dropbox and both are running the same versions of all software.

The interesting thing, though, is that when a project requires me to bind a menu to the right mouse button, for instance, it doesn't work on my desktop but it does work on my laptop.

glutAddMenuEntry("Toggle depth test", 1);
glutAddMenuEntry("Toggle cull backface", 2);
glutAddMenuEntry("Set Fill Mode", 3);
glutAddMenuEntry("Set Line Mode", 4);
glutAddMenuEntry("Set Point Mode", 5);


The above code simply has a menu with the options listed pop up when I right click on the window. But, again, it works on my laptop, but not on my desktop.

The only difference I'm aware of is that my laptop uses a standard trackpad, whereas my desktop has the Microsoft Wireless 7000 keyboard/mouse combo. What's odd is that right clicking works for everything else graphical.

Any ideas?

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