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Pre-ordering system and distribution on iPhone

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Halifax2    295
Superficially, the problem is simple, implement a pre-order system for mobile applications, the logistics, not so much. It's possible for android applications, what about the iPhone?

Allowing pre-orders for android applications is not a problem as I see it. Google allows you to independently distribute your application while simultaneously releasing it on the Android Market (at least that's what I've gathered). Therefore, an online pre-order system could be setup that collects payments, allows cancellations, and eventually distributes the application through e-mail on release day. An easy route for piracy would be created, simply upload the APK to a file sharing site, but I'm not worried about that.

On the other hand, it appears that Apple only allows you to independently distribute 100 applications. Therein lies the problem; is there a way to support pre-orders for my iPhone application as well?

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