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Spira Solaris

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Hey guys,

Just got home from this year's Global Game Jam 2012 in Denver. I had a blast! Here's the music which I created for our submission:


You can play the game (in it's somewhat uncompleted, rough state) here: http://www.glassbott.../WebPlayer.html

A description of what the hey-ho is going:

Spira Solaris casts you as the rider of the demon. Your goal is to drive the demon to the brink of insanity, to make it destroy itself.

You do this by pressing the arrow keys, to guide the serpent around, purging the tainted mandala fractals from your energetic pathway. If you hit them all, you'll develop a score multiplier, which is of course very important when purging tainted mandalas.
The original plans involved bosses themed around the signs for chakras, including a slightly less canon one devoted to the devil's horns hand gesture (including heavy metal music)... but alas, we ran out of time.

A big missing element is that you were meant to guide the snake through until it bit its own tail - thus completing its loop, and destroying it. That was kind of key to the theme, but was planned in after the bosses that lead up to it... which we didn't get to, sooo...
In any case, it's a visual trip, has great music, and it controls well. Do tell us what you think.



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