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Game Design Systems

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I am not for sure if Game Design Systems is what they call it. However, a while back I was reading a dev post and they was talking about the game they designed. He mentioned that they chose the number inflation system. They made it sound like there are types of systems. I oringally thought everyone was copying off the pen and paper grames.

So is there a list of different systems? And what is the appropriate name for this subject?


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Double post..

I have answered your question in your previous thread: http://www.gamedev.n...ost__p__4908635


Are there any other systems to use besides the number inflation system?

Well, yes.
The basic,general 'game' concept is learning. That is, you need to have a challenge you need to overcome, once you learned to overcome it, you will be encountered with the next challenge. This game concept is often encountered in action games, or general speaking, in player skill based games. You need to learn your starting skills to overcome weak opponents, later on you encouter the next big challenge and need to master new skills etc. (i.e. bioshock, new plasmids/weapons are needed to overcome new challenges).

An other game concept is progression through collecting gear/equipement/runes etc. Many late-game MMORPGs like WoW or Guildwars work this way. Instead of gaining higher character levels, you need better skills/equipment to beat the next challenge (i.e. in Guildwars you reach the max level really quickly, but after that you need to find all those special skills).

Games without real character progression are often adventures (nowadays wrapped in a fps game). They are story driven, getting better weapons/skills etc. is not the game core any longer.

And eventually games with very low number inflation, but still with character progression, are often older CRPGs or PnP RPGs.

There're many ways to design (character) progression from a game design view. In fact you should think about your target audience first. Who do you want to play your game ? MMORPGs players, FPS player, casual gamers, adventure game players, yourself ? Each of these groups have certain expectations.

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