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root NULL in D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX

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I made a demo for load a skinned mesh (one mesh with one skeleton) and works fine.

A friend give me a model (in X format) with two meshes and one skeleton. When I load the model with method D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX the root return NULL and the animationController too.

This is the method CreateFrame on the class that extends of ID3DXAllocateHierarchy:

HRESULT AllocMeshHierarchy::CreateFrame(PCTSTR Name, D3DXFRAME** ppNewFrame)
FrameEx* frameEx = new FrameEx();

if( Name ) CopyString(Name, &frameEx->Name);
else CopyString("<no name>", &frameEx->Name);

frameEx->pMeshContainer = NULL;
frameEx->pFrameSibling = NULL;
frameEx->pFrameFirstChild = NULL;

*ppNewFrame = frameEx;

return D3D_OK;

This is the method CreateMeshContainer on the class that extends of ID3DXAllocateHierarchy:

HRESULT AllocMeshHierarchy::CreateMeshContainer(PCTSTR Name,
const D3DXMESHDATA* pMeshData, const D3DXMATERIAL* pMaterials,
const D3DXEFFECTINSTANCE* pEffectInstances, DWORD NumMaterials,
const DWORD *pAdjacency, ID3DXSkinInfo* pSkinInfo,
D3DXMESHCONTAINER** ppNewMeshContainer)

::ZeroMemory(meshContainer, sizeof(D3DXMESHCONTAINER));
if( Name ) CopyString(Name, &meshContainer->Name);
else CopyString("<no name>", &meshContainer->Name);

*ppNewMeshContainer = meshContainer;

if( pSkinInfo == 0 || pMeshData->Type != D3DXMESHTYPE_MESH)
return D3D_OK;

meshContainer->NumMaterials = NumMaterials;
meshContainer->pMaterials = new D3DXMATERIAL[NumMaterials];
for(DWORD i = 0; i < NumMaterials; ++i)
D3DXMATERIAL* mtrls = meshContainer->pMaterials;
mtrls.MatD3D = pMaterials.MatD3D;
mtrls.MatD3D.Ambient = pMaterials.MatD3D.Diffuse;


meshContainer->pEffects = 0;
meshContainer->pAdjacency = 0;

meshContainer->MeshData.Type = D3DXMESHTYPE_MESH;
meshContainer->MeshData.pMesh = pMeshData->pMesh;
meshContainer->pSkinInfo = pSkinInfo;

return D3D_OK;

Anyone can help me??


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Are you sure that model file has no problem? Can you open it via DirectX Viewer (comes with SDK) or any other viewer? Also, what's the returning value from D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX() ?

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Hi programci_84,

Yes I'm sure that the file has no problem.

The values returns by D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX() are:
root = NULL and animationController = NULL

The ID3DXAllocateHierarchy instance creates the frames and the 2 meshes but I don't understand why the root is null.


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