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Starting 3D game programming

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I learned most of about 2d game programming.
Ex Starting with 2d game programming libs like SDL. from website like lazyfoo.net and others.
In which concepts like loading images, drawing images.
Sprite concepts.
Then using sprites,its frames etc.
moving sprites.
Timing,collision detection.
Also developed games like Tic Tac Toe(my first game) ,Pong,Breakout,SpaceFight.

Now I want to shift on 3D world i.e 3D game programming.
From where I should start ??
I know that there 3D game programming libraries like DirectX or OpenGL.
Also I saw some basic 3d tutorial like drawing primitive shapes,rotating them,camera positions for 3d view etc.(directxtutorial.com)
But still some stuff like when I see moving players ,and one like creating 3D Room and travelling in them.
Basically how it works.
Just like in 2D we normally move with sprites what is analogous in 3D??.
How 3D scenes are created??.
I easily got learned with 2D game programming and its tutorials were also good. But I then stopped in 3D game programming.
So where to start and what are the best practices??. It can be anything but I am ready to learn??.

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I think you ll first need proper 3d concepts, and how to render and move basic shapes in 3d (vector and matrix maths is very important, basic linear algebra).
In short, Game models (characters e.g airplane, rooms, roads, cars etc) are done in different modeling packages e.g 3d studio max, Maya ... Then those models are loaded in game editors to crate a game environment, and then game code uses the objects of game environment and moves them around.
Once you have basic understanding, you ll grab any graphics library easily either its Direct x or openGL, as all basic concepts are same. Have a look into OpenSceneGraph for starters.
Hope that helps,

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Also what are the other features in c++(I can be advanced) should I learn for this particular 3D programming??.That is which are very helpful in game programming.

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