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Matthewj234    1069
Hi guys, ive been writing a game in Java, that is single player at the moment. And I have posted it to my website. However, the downloadable version will happily save to the AppData, but the online version crashes. I have found that this is due to it being unsigned.

Do you guys have any idea on how to sign the applet for free (I know you have to pay for verisign etc, but you can self-sign an applet). Or just how to sign the applet. I have found soem tutorials, but they all seem to end in the same error, and most require compiling random test classes to a jar, I already have a packaged Jar.

Any Help is greatly Appreciated!


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frob    44904

There are caveats for a few items on what they can and cannot do, but that is covered in the extensive tutorial above.

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