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Nitish Tripathi

OpenGL Weird tessellation shader error

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I am relatively new to GLSL. I wrote a GLSL code including tessellation shaders which was working fine on my NVIDIA machine but is giving a weird error on my Radeon (5650) machine, both using openGL version 4.1.

The error that it gives on radeon machine is as follows,

ERROR: 0:16: error(#202) No matching overloaded function found texture2D
ERROR: 0:16: error(#160) Cannot convert from 'const float' to 'highp 4-component vector of float'

The code for my tessellation shader is as follows,

#version 400 compatibility
#extension GL_ARB_tessellation_shader : enable
//#extension GL_NV_shader_buffer_load : enable (TURNING OFF ON RADEON MACHINE | IS KEPT ENABLED ON NVIDIA)

uniform sampler2D Data;
layout (quads) in;

void main (void)
float u;
float v;
u = 10 * gl_TessCoord.x;
v = 10 * gl_TessCoord.y;
vec2 st = vec2 (gl_TessCoord.x, gl_TessCoord.y);
st = vec2 (0,0);
vec4 col = texture2D (Data, st);
float w = col.x;

gl_Position = gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix * vec4(u, v, w, 1);

I'll appreciate any help that I can get on this.

Thanks in advance.

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