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Unique 2D RTS Game! Join The Development Team! Share Ideas!

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This is a basic In-Game diagram without any art style applied to it. This is raw layout

Unofficial Story behind the game:


~You are Pel, a pixel element.
~Something bad happens to you so you end up in an artsy parallel world called Mistveil.
~A pixel like you is unfamiliar with this non-pixilated world of Mistveil.
~You then find other pixel elements that are striving to survive like you are and you begin [/font]
[font=georgia, serif]

to fight with them for resourceful and beautiful land.[/font]

~Battles break out between you and your pixel enemies for the property of Mistveil.
~You and your friends must battle for the land before there is none left.
~Go on! Find your friends, make a clan, and claim your land![/font]

• The game is a Uniquely Themed 2D RTS Game.
• It is Online Multiplayer
• Customization
• Player Profile
• Leaderboards
• Clans
• Picking Classes
• How To Play
• Movement
• Health
• Default Controls
• Graphics

Online Multiplayer

The game will consist of competitive online multiplayer. Players will be able to create player lobbies and invite friends to play with them in their lobby.

Types of Matches

There will be 2 types of matches, 4v4 and 2v2 matches.

Find a Game

There are a couple methods to finding your desired game.
If you are a single player, playing on your own, you can find a 4v4 and 2v2 game. You will be placed into a match lobby to start your game once 3 other players are found (in the case of a 4v4). In the case of a 2v2 you will find 1 available player to connect to then be placed into a 2v2 match lobby.

Creating Player Lobbies (Parties)

The main menu will consist of options like customization, options, controls, and multiplayer. Once you hit multiplayer you will get an option of creating a lobby or finding a game right away (without your friends). To play with your friends, you’re going to have to click on Create a Lobby. Once there, you can scroll through the players online to find your online friends and invite them to your lobby. Once your friends are in a lobby, you are ready to start your match. You can also set up your own private match for altering game settings and removing the use of items!


There are a couple ways that customization play a role in your experience. Players can customize their player skins to meet their preferences. Also, players may create their own player emblem that will appear next to their player profile.

Player Profile

The main page where you can check individual stats and scores is by going to a player’s profile. On the profile page, many stats like Accuracy, Favorite Weapon, Most Kills With, Most Killed By, K/D Ratio, Win/Loss Ratio, and more will appear! Your customized player emblem and player skin will also be displayed in your player profile.


You can check the leader boards to see how well ranked you are in the world and against your friends!


Clans will be VERY important when playing this game competitively. A 2v2 and a 4v4 clan are the two options you have when creating your clan. You can create a Clan Page for your clan to share videos and screenshots as well as keep in touch with your fans. You can also customize your clan’s emblem that will also appear on your clan page but make sure everyone likes it! You can create private matches to edit items and alter the games rules a little.


Sometimes, located in an arena, will be random chests or items that could help a player out. Sometimes the item will be flint and steel that you can equip to an air freshener to create a makeshift flamethrower that ANYONE can use. Maybe a bag of gunpowder would be in a chest that you can equip to a timer and some wire to create an improvised C4, that once again, anyone from any class could use. Once you have the items you’ll have to go to a crafting area where you can put everything together. At the store you can buy your materials (The ones that are more rare in the arenas) to craft them together with other things.

Ranks/Levels/Rank Tokens

There are 25 Levels per each rank. Reaching rank 1 will earn you 1 rank token. A player can level up by: beating achievements, Killing opponents, winning matches, and more. Once you reach level 25, you have reached rank 1 and have earned yourself a rank token. Rank tokens can be spent on 1 of the many skills your class has. For an engineer, you can use a rank token to upgrade your booby trap skill that will upgrade the default booby trap skill (slows other players) to maybe detonates the power up when an enemy is trying to capture it and kills the enemy. Say you are a soldier; you can upgrade your gun skill to unlock more guns or you may decide to upgrade your grenades so that a regular frag grenade can be upgraded into a Bouncing Betty! There will be 50 ranks so 1250 levels. Don’t worry; we will have enough content, skills, and weapons, to have upgrades until rank 50. Each rank will have a specific rank icon that will also appear on player’s player profile. There will be stunning icons for each rank.

Picking Classes (Short Summaries)

Engineer (Submachine Guns)

Engineers have the ability unlock red gates (Locked Doors) by using a default lock pick to unlock them. Engineers can also level up to upgrade their lock picks to C4 and other equipment to unlock stronger things like dark red gates that are twice as strong and resistant than regular red gates. When capturing a power up, engineers can booby-trap it for the opponents. Engineers can also hack into enemy vaults using long range hacking systems (One of the last things to be unlocked for engineers) Engineers use less powerful SMG’s and but can move faster than any other class. The Special for engineers is a complete repair for all damaged walls (re-building the damaged structures for more protection for them and their team. (There will be more Special Options for each class!)

Fighter (Assault Rifles)

Fighters have the ability to use more powerful weapons with longer range than SMG’s but cannot unlock red gates or dark red gates. Possibly when a player reaches a certain level, a grenade launcher can break down a red gate but it would take 2 grenades to break it down. Fighters are also equipped with standard frag grenades that when leveled up, can be upgraded if that’s what you decide to use your rank token. Fighters will also be able to unlock flamethrowers with a high spread volume. Fighters have standard speed. The Special for fighters are a tactical airstrike that can be placed on a 3x3 grid area (If an enemy is caught in the center, it will be an automatic death for that player. The outlying squares will only result in half damaged for the players hit.) (There will be more Special Options for each class!)

Sniper (Sniper Rifles)

Snipers can unlock many different snipers for different situations. Some snipers are designed for high damage purposes while others are designed for higher rate of fire and some maybe for a wider spread! You can obviously upgrade each weapon like a snipers default sniper is a standard 1 shot medium power sniper when you use a rank token you can unlock more snipers and buy power ups for specific snipers to extend magazines, add a deep impact upgrade and more! Another ability of the sniper is creating temporary shields for cover that are impenetrable. Sniper Cover can be upgraded to last longer and cover more than 1 grid space (default is only covering 1 grid space so you could essentially upgrade it 3 times to make it a piece of cover for your entire team for tactics.) Snipers have the standard speed. The Sniper’s Special includes a selecting an area in which a sniper can mark 3 grid spaces then fire 3 shots all at the same time which is basically a tri-shot for an enemy to dodge! (There will be more Special Options for each class!)

Healer (Light Machine Guns)

Healers have the ability to heal themselves and other players along with setting poison traps for the enemies. Healers can upgrade their healing skill to make it stronger and more effective. Healers move slower than any other class but make it up with their widespread light machine guns. The LMG’s have the widest spread of any guns of any other classes. Earlier guns have 1.5-grid volume but after being upgraded, LMG’s can easily cover 3 full grids. They can also set medic packs on the ground that can give each player a small amount of healing until upgraded. Healers are primary support fire, make sure you have a Healer on your team to give you cover and keep those bad guys on their feet. The Healer’s Special is a Team health boost that heals the entire team. (There will be more Special Options for each class!)

Power Ups


Rapid Fire



Acquiring all 4 will result in a super power up that any class can use if acquired. New Super power ups will be able to be unlocked as a player levels up.

(Should add other power ups later)

How To Play

4v4 and 2v2 matches start out the same. All members from both teams start out grouped together on opposite sides of the arena (divided by a half way line). There will be many different themed arenas.

All arenas will have a power up conveyer belt that spawns power ups for each player to capture. Around the conveyor belt will be a free for all zone or an FFA Zone where all players can move around. It will usually be shaded in a different color (it will be distinct).

The players goal will differ by what game type they are playing. A standard team death match’s goal will be to eliminate all other enemy players. A capture the flag game mode will allow players to travel to the apposing sides and retrieve the enemy flag to return to the home base.

Players will be able to use whatever class they want during the match and be able to change classes. (I recommend sticking with one class that you specialize in).

Depending on how powerful an enemy weapon is, your health will drop some percent when hit. This will show on the top stat bar.

A player’s power up will be activated when starting a new match. After the player uses it, a timer will start to count down until the player can use it again. (Probably like 2 or 3 minutes).

If you are feeling generous, you can share your power ups with members of your team! It also pays you for being a team player!

TEAM WORK is a key factor in these games. If you are spawned inside of a red-gated area, you’re going to need an engineer or a high-leveled fighter to unlock it for you.

Sometimes resource chests will be scattered throughout an arena. Inside each chest will something useful will be contained. Maybe gun powder for a bomb any players can craft themselves.

When you kill an enemy or share a power up, a certain amount of currency will be added to your bank. From the bank you can buy items for improvised supplies just in case you need them.

All matches will go on for 10 minutes max.


This is a real time strategy game so I took some classic strategy games like checkers and chess and incorporated their grid styles into this new hit game!

Seconds Per Movement or SPM will measure the speed of a player’s movement.

• Engineer Speed (Fastest) = 2 SPM

• Fighter and Sniper (Standard) = 2.5 SPM

• Healer (Slowest) = 3 SPM

• Speed Power Up = -.5 SPM

• Engineer + Speed Power Up = 1.5 SPM

• Fighter and Sniper + Speed Power Up = 2 SPM

• Healer + Speed Power Up = 2.5 SPM

Players can only move up, down, left and right using the WASD setup.
(Can ALWAYS alter in options)


Your health icon is located on the stat menu above the playing arena. The icon is a hollow circle. When a player has full health the ring will appear green. The more damaged a player becomes; the ring will start fading to a closer red color until it finally reaches red. When your ring reaches red, you will probably die within the next shot.

Default Controls

Up = W
Left = A
Down = S
Right = D

Aim = Cursor
Shoot = Left Click

Use power up in
Slot one = 1
Slot two = 2
Slot three = 3
Slot four = 4

Use Special = SPACE

Use Primary Gun = Z
Use Secondary Weapon = X
Use Class Skill= C
Use Equipment = V

Quit Game/Options= ESC


Idea For Player Characters

Customization is a HUGE part of a game that makes it a gamer’s own. Players WANT to have THEIR characters be different from the rest! LUCKILY we are creating a pixilated game so customization will be easier for those seeking diversity. Right now our characters are circles. The player will start out with a default PEL skin BUT players can also customize their own skins like this Mario skin:

Idea for Arena Layout

Currently we have a spectator-sized arena where the action on the screen is visible from all 4 - 8 players in the arena. We are NOT going to have big arenas. Rendering the arena would take away from the original spectating style we wish to master. This means adding obstacles and aids will be additions to the arena. The active graphics in the arenas like walls, gates, chests, power up belt, and player characters themselves WILL be symmetric at the time they spawn. There isn't a need for players to complain because of what side they were spawned on. Having symmetric sides for all the active graphics means it will take players from both teams an equal amount of grid spaces to get to key points like the power up belt, supply kits, and items.

Ideas for Arena Graphics

The arena will basically be symmetrical on both sides. That being said, it might be a challenge making both sides of the arena NOT symmetrical in the artistic aspect because after all, Pel takes place in an artsy world. It would actually be awesome if we gave the impression that our graphics were 3D by creating it that way in 2D. Pictures of the game Spiral Knights actually capture that effect that we are looking to create. We want it to look similar this:
Although, the graphics in Pel will be much smaller and more "artsy" (painting-like), these are good reference pictures for the 3D aspect we wish to achieve.


[font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]Any interest in helping to make this game?[/font]
Email [email]chfracassi1@cox.net[/email] for more information.

This is ALL volunteer work until we get release the game.
(We will figure out the revenue jazz once we come to it)

Join our development team quick!

Looking for:

Game Programmers (1/5 Currently)
2D Graphic Artists (2/5 Currently)
Player Biography Writers (0/5 Currently)
Game Music Composers (0/5 Currently)

We are only having a small group of people because it keeps the development of the game running smoothly and allows less room for chaos.

If you truly believe in indie success, join our family!

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This topic is 2816 days old which is more than the 365 day threshold we allow for new replies. Please post a new topic.

If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us.

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