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EffectEd - an HLSL editor

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A while ago I showed my first test version for a lightweight HLSL editor for integration in daily programming.

I have been working quite a bit on it since then (in spare time), so I now proudly present:

EffectEd v0.1

Main Features:
* syntax highlighting
* waterproof error checking using the Direct3D compiler
* intelligent code completion
* support for splitting D3D 11 shaders over multiple files (= compile using shaderprofiles)

Check out [url=""]codeplex[/url] for the full feature list and details and watch [url=""]the video [/url]to see it in action.

The binaries have some bugfixes that the sources don't have yet (had some big issues with an attempt to use GitHub and lost some work *grrr*)


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Xerios    100
Sweet ! That's a pretty nice application.

You add a shortcut F5 or something for the compile and the ability to open drag & dropped file.
Also lighter line numbers or just the ability to disable them, maybe even letting it remember it's last window state ( maximized or not ), either way from now on this will be my new hlsl editing application =)

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thanks for the ideas, it certainly still needs a lot of finishing work like the things you say. I certainly will implement your suggestions.

You will notice that the code completion data is far from complete/accurate, I didn't have decent resources or time. Feel free to let me know if you can provide me code completion changes.

You can also edit the code completion yourself (see explanations on codeplex) but i don't know how comprehensible that xml structure is :)

So, bugs, suggestions, changes --> [url=""]let me know[/url]

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reminder: the source is NOT entirely up to date due to me messing with Git, I lost some uncommitted changes that are now only left in the binaries. It's some bugfixes...

I have no time now.. but one of the coming days the sources and binaries will get synched :)

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