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Book suggestion - 3d math only

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I am interested in learning more about real time rendering in 3d but need to start from the bottom up. The problem is I am torn between these 3 books to start out with:

They appear to cover the same kind of ground but I want to make sure:

3d Math Primer seems to be the standard choice - http://www.gamedev.net/page/books/index.html/_/technical/math-and-physics-13/3d-math-primer-for-graphics-and-game-development-wordware-game-math-library-r226

The above has just had a new 2011 revision but renamed slightly (might actually be completely different), would it be worth getting that instead? http://www.amazon.com/Math-Primer-Graphics-Game-Development/dp/1568817231/ref=cm_cr_pr_sims_t

And there is Essential Mathematics for games and interactive apps:

Any ideas on which one as a first book in 3d math?

My other question was that these are introductory, anyone got any advanced suggestions after these?


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I have the first and third books and the first one is an introductory book but there is still an assumption that you're educated in undergraduate linear algebra and calculus. If you've never taken math at that level or are very rusty you'll have a hard time following. You have to be completely honest about how good your math skills are as most people believe they can just learn it when they need to but the truth is if you couldn't learn it while in school you probably can't learn it on your own.

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