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c-string fuction: insert

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i got this excercise:

Implement an elementary function insert(), that inserts the part-string "s" from the index "start".
If the index is too big or to small, nothing will happen.
of course the manipulation demands a resizing of the String-Object

void String::insert(int start, const String& s)
//my attempt:

String is a selfmade class whose dynamicly allcoated variable i shall manipulate with this function is:
char *str;

It took me quite a while to implement this and i really doupt i will write this on paper (in time) in case it is part of my test on friday.
I thought there must be a smarter way to do this.
So i came here to ask for help once more ^^

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Here's a few things I picked up on:

- You don't allow insertion at the end (i.e. when start == str.size()).
- You don't need to call new twice. Once is enough. Fixing that should also fix the memory leak.
- You don't need the loops. Two or three calls to memcpy() will work just as well.

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thank you Adam_42 !
But i may only use the helper functions: strcpy(), strcat() and strlen()
thanks about pointing out a memory leak (i will look after that later) and the issue at the end ! :)

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