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[xna] deferred spot light depth precision problem

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i'm trying to solve this for over a week, i tried everything i can think of, and it's still not working - i mean spot lights in my deferred renderer, these are some screens and short movie:



the green one is a point light, the yellow one is a spot light, they share most of the hlsl and c# code, position reconstruction is the same, samplers etc are also the same, i tried almost every sampler state and texture format, i use [color=#2b91af]SurfaceFormat.Color for gbuffer's render targets: diffuse , normal depth, i use [color=#2b91af]SurfaceFormat.Rgba64 for light buffer, in the light stage i use [color=#2b91af]SamplerState.LinearClamp for diffuse and normal rt and PointClamp for depth (i use sphere and cone as light primitives), i don't use linear depth, just normal way:

[color=blue]float3 UnitToColor([color=blue]in [color=blue]float unit)
[color=blue]const [color=blue]float3 factor = [color=blue]float3([color=navy]1, [color=navy]255, [color=navy]65025);
[color=blue]const [color=blue]float mask = [color=navy]1.0 / [color=navy]256.0;
[color=blue]float3 color = unit * factor.rgb;
color.gb = [color=maroon]frac(color.gb);
color.rg -= color.gb * mask;
[color=blue]return [color=maroon]saturate(color);
gbuffer.fx :
output.Depth = [color=blue]float4(UnitToColor(input.Depth.x / input.Depth.y), [color=navy]1.0f);

light shader:

[color=blue]float ColorToUnit([color=blue]in [color=blue]float3 color)
[color=blue]const [color=blue]float3 factorinv = [color=navy]1.0 / [color=blue]float3([color=navy]1, [color=navy]255, [color=navy]65025);
[color=blue]return [color=maroon]dot(color, factorinv);

input.ScreenPosition.xy /= input.ScreenPosition.w;
[color=blue]float2 UV = [color=navy]0.5f * ([color=blue]float2(input.ScreenPosition.x, -input.ScreenPosition.y) + [color=navy]1) - [color=blue]float2([color=navy]1.0f / GBufferTextureSize.xy);
[color=blue]float4 Position = [color=navy]1.0f;
Position.xy = input.ScreenPosition.xy;
Position.z = ColorToUnit(Depth);
Position = [color=maroon]mul(Position, InverseViewProjection);
Position /= Position.w;

it's the same in point light and in spot light, how is this possible that point light works ok, and i have these depth precision issues with spot light? near/far plane ratio affect these artifacts very much, but even 10-100 is not ok (now it's 1 - 10000)

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