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Slot Racers - online multiplayer arcade shooter - in beta

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Hi all,

This is my first attempt at a Java game, Slot Racers. It's actually a port from C++ code, with enhancements
by me. The original Slot Racers game was devleoped for the Atari 2600, was a 2-player shooter, in which each player
controlled a vehicle which could shoot bullets at the other player. In it's C++ incarnation, the two players had to share
a keyboard on one computer. When porting this code to Java, I have added (among other things) the ability
to play against other players online. The game and server is currently in beta phase....I would appreciate if some folks
could give it a try and let me know if they run into any problems, or just have any suggestions for improving the
game. You can find my Java version of Slot Racers here:



Some notes:

  • The game currently run as a Java applet within a browser. I have plans to port this code to run as an Android app, soon.
  • When you first load the Slot Racers web page, the applet takes 2 or 3 minutes to load the first time. After the first time, it loads pretty quick. If I update the applet jar, then I have to go thru the 2-3 minute load again. I have no idea what the reason for the 1st time delay is.....the jar is only approx 100k. Maybe someone here can clue me in on why 1st time applet load takes sooooo long.
  • Once the applet loads, you will have to type in an alias you want to use as a player name, then click the 'JOIN GAME' button. At the moment, the Player List is only for informational purposes (you cannot choose which player to play against...I will adding this ability later). After clicking the join button, if the server is not full, you will either be put in waiting mode (if there is not currently another player also waiting to play), or if there is already another player also waiting to play, you will automatically be paired with that player, and gameplay will commence.
  • Server is currently set to allow 100 players max. If you try to join while the server is currently full, you will get a message that asks you to try again later.
  • Server to client comm is done via UDP sockets, therefore there is no persistent connection. The server uses a 'heartbeat' message to determine if any clients go away. If a client doesn't respond to the heartbeat within 15 seconds, the server decides the client is 'disconnected', and any game in progress is stopped.
  • Game controls are listed on the Slot Racers web page. Keep in mind your browser has to have focus for your input to be recognized by the applet.
  • Game ends when one player reaches 10 'kills'...after which you may choose to replay against the same player, or quit back to the 'lobby'.

    That's all I can think of, for now. Post any bugs you find or suggestions here and/or by replying at my twitter account:


    If you find that the game server is down, or some other catastrophic failure, please let me know via twitter....
    that way I will be notifed and be able to respond faster.

    Thanks, and have fun!

    Lazy Bear

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BTW, the server just went live today, so chances are you may be the only player when you try joining a game...so your best bet in testing this is to get a friend to connect the same time as you.....otherwise you'll be waiting a while for another player to join. huh.png

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